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My Spicy Lover

My Spicy Lover


A stimulating black tea

Pinched with Hibiscus

Brushed with Vanilla

On a Spicy Bed of Roses


A distinctive tea that will wake you up, give you flowers and add some surprise spice to your day!


Ingredients: Organic Fair-Trade Black F.O.P.* Tea, Organic Hibiscus Petals, Organic Rose Petals, Island Grown Chamomile Flowers, Organic Black Pepper, Natural Chili Extract & Organic Flavor Extracts


*Flowery Orange Pekoe (F.O.P.) refers to a high quality whole leaf tea with a long leaf and good balance of tips. FOP contains fine, tender young leaves with buds (referred to as tips) and is made from the first two leaves and bud of the shoot. When harvested during the slow growth periods, these young buds have a golden tip, hence the grade 'Flowery', thus making it Flowery Orange Pekoe (FOP).

  • Tips & Info

    The perfect cup – Pour 8oz of simmering water (195°-200° F) over tea bag.  Steep 4 minutes or to desired taste.  Great with raw honey.  Delicious Iced!


    A note for all of our teas:  we use a commercial and professional food processing kitchen through the Island Grown program, where other farmers may process and store tree nuts, soy, dairy, wheat and other allergens.