The Inspired Earth Tea Story

   Once upon a teacup...   

We are one of the newest artisanal companies here on our small island in the Salish Sea! 


Inspired Earth Tea was born out of THE year-long lockdown during which Bobby, the Owner & Culinary Tea Blender, did some soul searching and found inspiration.  Wanting to create products that would be healthy, soothing and beneficial, he (along with the support of his best friend Neptune) pours his heart and skill into every single product that he personally crafts.


Inspired Earth Tea is committed to blending the finest Artisanal Teas along with superior Bath & Body Products.  Our ingredients are gathered from local farms, including our own, and other exceptional sources from around the globe.


Our products can be found in gourmet shops, at fine dining and at the San Juan Island Co-op and Farmers Market.