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Madrona Sencha

Madrona Sencha


The original Tea, Green.

Dating back to 2737 B.C.

Now united with an island companion

- Wild Madrona Bark


Japan’s preventative healthcare practice of Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) involves sitting among forest trees for hours.  The ritual can also involve drinking the country’s favorite tea…Sencha with its fresh, bright, bittersweet and clean ocean-breeze finish. 


Sencha is a stellar green tea on its own but we have expanded it even further with subtle and supporting forest notes of San Juan Island Madrona Bark.  It's as if the two were always destined to come together for an extremely satisfying cup of tea!


Each Tea Tube Contains

10 Artisanal BiodegradableTea Sachets


Ingredients: Organic Fair-Trade Sencha* Tea Leaf & Wild-Harvested Island Grown Madrona Bark


*Sencha Tea is made from the first tender emerald green leaves of the tea plant. The leaves are harvested in early summer then steamed, twisted, and dried.

  • Tea Tips -

    The perfect cup – Gently pour 8oz of simmering water (180°-185° F) over tea sachet.  Steep 4 minutes or to desired taste. 

    The perfect environment – Enjoy among the trees!

  • Flavor Profile -

    An organic whole leaf green Sencha Tea Leaf that, while fresh and bright, its flavor is bittersweet with a hint of an ocean breeze, and has a clean finish.  The Madrona Bark adds hints of an earthy forest flavor that supports, but never takes over, the Sencha.

  • Beneficial Ingredients -

    Special Note about The Benefits of our Tea Blend Ingredients:

    Personalities, physical bodies and emotional bodies vary greatly between us humans.  Therefore, what works well for one person may, or may not, for someone else.  The list below is meant as a starting point in educating oneself on the traditional benefits of certain herbs, flowers, plants and types of tea.  As with anything you ingest into your body make sure you do extensive research, including speaking with your medical care provider, to understand what will work best for you.


    Sencha Green Tea - Sencha has a wide array of physical health benefits as well as mood-boosting effects. Sencha tea is rich in antioxidants, which can help protect you from free radicals. The tea can also help reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, and lower cholesterol. Like other green teas, Sencha is a great source of caffeine, giving you an energy kick and improving your mood. Green teas are also full of theanine, an amino acid that induces relaxation and lowers anxiety.

    Madrona Bark - The beautiful papery red bark of this iconic Northwestern tree was an important medicine for many Native peoples in the Northwest. It peels off the tree in gorgeous cinnamon-like curls making it easy and sustainable to harvest. It is often used to assist in treating colds as well as sore throats and to alleviate stomach aches and pain due to cramps.

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