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A cup of tea from West Flower

Xiwangmu, Queen of the West, immortal flower, inspires our Xiwangmu Pear-Green Tea

Xiwangmu, immortal flower, in her garden.

In ancient times in China, in a fairyland garden filled with wildly lush and rare flowers and extraordinary birds, lived a luminous goddess with an entourage of lively female genies. Among the exotic birds and plants grew the Pantao - the peach of immortality, which ripens only every three thousand years and which may be eaten only by immortals and emperors in China.

Xiwangmu's power exceeded all others in the constellation of Daoist gods and goddesses - she bestowed immortality, prosperity and bountiful harvests.

The garden was named Xihua, (West Flower), and the goddess - queen of all the immortals - was named Xiwangmu, Queen Mother of the West. Her power exceeded all others, including her husband Mugong, prince of the immortals.

Xiwangmu had once been a mountain spirit in the form of a ferocious half-human with tiger teeth and a leopard’s tail, but had transformed into an exquisitely beautiful human woman.

Over time, her beauty and power helped her to become the most important immortal in the Daoist constellation of gods and goddesses, and she became the bestower of immortality, prosperity and bountiful harvests.

Today, Tea San Juans honors her with our Xiwangmu Pear Green Tea. We hope that each cup whisks your mind to reveries of West Flower and its lavish fruits and extraordinary beauty…or you could just dream about the San Juan Islands, western flower of the Pacific Northwest!

We hope that Xiwangmu Pear Green Tea will inspire your own dreams of lush gardens and bountiful harvests...


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