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The Taste of the San Juan Islands
Right in your cup.

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Welcome to

Curated and Handcrafted Tea

Our product and packaging are 100% Biodegradable.

The tea tube is printed with soy inks and is also Recyclable.


On a small island in the Salish Sea we are committed to blending the finest

Organic Artisanal Teas with delectable flavor and aroma profiles.

Our recipes are also created while keeping in mind the traditional

beneficial properties of each of our quality ingredients.

We gather from local San Juan Island Farms and

other fine sources all around our beautiful planet!

Bean to Bar Artisanal Chocolate

Organic Artisanal Chocolate Bars made from scratch

starting with roasting raw cacao beans, 

then winnowing to remove husk from nib,

stone grinding up to 36 hours for ultimate creaminess,

tempering for the pefect shine and snap,

then molded, cooled and packaged!

 Like our Tea Blends we are dedicated to creating delectable

and complex flavor profiles that always use the finest ingredients from

local San Juan Island Farms and other fine sources around the globe! 

We take our tea and chocolate

- and your tea-drinking and chocolate savoring experience -

very seriously.

  "Tea is to the body      

as music is to the soul"

- Earlene Grey

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