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Island Basil Chai

Island Basil Chai


San Juan Island Basil

Rich and Velvety Rooibos

Sweet and Zesty Organic Spices

A Distinctively Warm Herbal Voyage


Love Chai Tea?  Love Basil?  They were destined to create a gorgeous and comforting caffeine-free herbal blend that will satisfy seasoned Chai drinkers as well as those looking for something delicately original. 


Ingredients:  Organic Rooibos, Island Grown Basil, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Cardamom Seed, Organic Anise Seed, Organic Black Pepper & Organic Flavor Extract

  • Tips & Info

    The perfect cup – Gently pour 8oz of boiling water (212° F) over tea bag.  Steep 5 minutes or to desired taste. Try adding 2oz of hot milk (or dairy substitute), and sweeten with raw honey, agave or sugar to taste.


    A note for all of our teas:  we use a commercial and professional food processing kitchen through the Island Grown program, where other farmers may process and store tree nuts, soy, dairy, wheat and other allergens.