The San Juan Island plantation

Yeah, we're small but we're growing. Literally.

Camas on the bloom

A lot of people probably look at our super-amazing website (well, we think it is, anyway) and think "wow, they must be really big".

We're not. We're really, really, really small. There's only two of us working on this, plus a dog (the dog does not go into the commercial kitchen, however, no matter how much she wants to help).

Tiny but ambitious. That's us!

Despite the microscopic nature of our enterprise, we are committed to making you the best and most islandy cup of tea you've ever had. We grow our own tea here on San Juan Island, add it to hand-selected fine teas from all over the world, and then blend in delicious island flavors like lavender or farm-grown beets.

Our ambition. No, wait, our greatest hope.

Since we started this venture in 2017, our main mission and hope is to give you the same experience we have had living here in the San Juan Islands. We want to share with you the calm, meditative wonder of the nature that surrounds us, and let you take it home with you - where we hope you will find the same calmness and joy. Our tea is our wish for you: joy, peace, and, yes, the love that is felt in the woods or on the shore or in the fields of our lovely islands. Have a cup and see what we mean.

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