Making tea part of your life

Time is not easy to come by, but rituals like tea brewing can make it seem to slow down and relax.

It ain't easy to find time to do anything, it seems. That's why taking time for yourself, for something delicious and meditative, is key to living a fully engaged life.

Making tea part of your day and your life

It's easy to get caught up in the insane fray we call "life" these days. You know how it is - you're whapping away on your computer and realize, 3 hours later, that your body is slumped over your keyboard like a bendy straw...or you're driving home, thinking about your awful meeting schedule tomorrow, and drive right past the road to your house.

It's time to take back your life. At least part of it. This is where your new friend tea comes in. Making traditional tea requires concentration and time. Taking the time to mindfully brew tea, getting the water temperature somewhat close to ideal, smelling the delicious fragrance of tea as it goes into the cup or as it brews or as you drink it: all of this creates a more meditative state of mind.

Taking the time to brew tea mindfully can create a more meditative state of mind.

When you take the time - even if it's just a few minutes - to care for yourself by making a cup of tea, you reclaim part of what's been lost in this mad, mad modern era. Join me now and make a delicious and meditative cup. Take back your life.

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